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Are you looking for Car Air Conditioning Service Erdington for your vehicle?

Is your cars’ AC not working that efficiently anymore?

Get it checked by the experts at our garage - MS Auto Centre Ltd.

We offer an all-inclusive air-con check Erdington using state-of-the-art equipment. Also, we have trained, certified professionals who will use industry-best techniques to repair or replace faulty AC components of your car efficiently and without much turn-around time.

Further, our service charges are very budget friendly.

The optimal functioning of the AC is not just limited to offering a cooling effect. Rather, the car's air-con system works in a number of ways-

  • It prevents accumulation of dust and moulds inside the car.
  • Regulates humidity level in the cabin.
  • Ensures a healthy cabin experience.

Hence, you must opt for routine air con servicing Erdington, Birmingham from trusted workshops like us.

Warning Signs Of faulty Air-con Systems

If the air-con system of your car is not performing optimally, you will detect the following warning signs:

  • The AC is blowing hot air.
  • Increased water condensation on the windows, floorboard, windscreen, etc.
  • Reduced fuel economy.
  • Pungent odour inside the cabin.
  • The AC is making an unusual rattling noise.

Come down to us for a comprehensive air-con check Birmingham if you notice any of these symptoms. Delaying will aggravate the damage to the AC parts and can lead to hefty repair bills.

About Our Air-con Service

We are one of the trusted solutions for all “air-con repair near me” searches for several reasons, like:

Detailed Inspection

When you visit us for air-con repairs, our experts will not jump to give a solution. They will hear out your concerns and conduct a detailed inspection of all crucial AC components, like the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. This helps them determine the crux of the issue and decide the best course of action accordingly.

Air-con Replacements

It is not safe to repair damaged AC components. Hence, we always prefer to offer air-con replacements Erdington, Birmingham. Our experts use only OE-grade spares to replace the damaged AC parts for utmost safety.

Refrigerant Top-up

We also check the refrigerant level of your car. If it is not within the optimal recommended level, we will top it up using R134a or R1234yf gas, depending upon the model of your car.

Hence, hurry!

Book your slot with us today.

For further details, please call us on 01213777738.