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Are you looking for Car Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you searching for new car tyres Birmingham?

Then look no further than MS Auto Centre Ltd.

We stock a massive inventory of car tyres Birmingham, suitable for every driving requirement. Our experts help every client in choosing the best fit of tyres for their vehicle after considering the budget and driving requirements. Also, all car tyres in our inventory have the EU labels attached and are stocked only after rigorous quality checks.

Sounds good?

Then come to our workshop directly or order your new tyres Birmingham online.

Tyre brands available at our workshop

We retail tyres from several premium, mid-range and budget brands, like:

  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Hankook
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone

And many, many more!

You can conveniently choose your new tyres from these brands online by using the tyre finder tool on our website. Just enter your car registration number or tyre size details. A list of tyre options will be displayed on the screen. Select the preferred tyre brand and model and place your order. Yes, it’s that easy with us!

Tyre Variants You Can Buy From Us

At our garage, you can buy tyres Birmingham for various road and season-specific requirements, like:

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are specifically manufactured to adapt to the challenges of heated surfaces and offer uncompromised tyre durability. These tyre products are made up of a hard rubber compound that prevents excessive heat build-up. Also, the shallow tread depth structure of these tyre models offers unmatched road-holding and traction for a brilliant car handling experience.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed exclusively to offer a stable car handling experience on snow-covered tarmacs. These tyre models are composed of silica-enriched softer rubber compounds, which help the tyre perform well even at temperatures below 7-degrees Celsius. Further, these tyres have a deeper tread and wider groove channels to offer a biting grip on snow, slush and sleet.

All-season Tyres

These are best suited for customers who want to avoid the hassle of replacing tyres twice a year. All-season tyres are manufactured with a moderate rubber compound and have an intermediate tread depth structure. This innovative construction helps these tyre models to offer an optimal driving experience on both summer and winter roads - as long as the weather conditions are not too extreme.

Performance Tyres

Want to maximise the thrill of driving at high speeds?

Then performance tyres are your ideal choice. The superior carcass material and low aspect ratio of performance tyres offer unmatched responsiveness, cornering precision and control at high speeds.

Run-flat Tyres

Run-flat tyre models have a reinforced sidewall that prevents the tyre from deflating completely or falling out of the rim when punctured. These tyres allow you to continue driving at a speed of about 50 mph for 50 miles so that you can replace the damaged tyres safely from a nearby workshop.

In addition to these, we also sell 4x4 Tyres in the following categories:

  • Highway-terrain
  • Mud-terrain
  • All-terrain

You will find more details on 4x4 tyres on the respective page in this website.

We offer you all these variants of tyres Birmingham at affordable rates. Further, our tyre-fitment charges are reasonable and completely transparent.

Therefore, hurry and book your appointment with us.

For further details, please call us on 0121 377 7738.