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Are you looking for Hydrogen Cleaning for your vehicle?

The maximum number of engine faults occur due to a clogged car engine. In addition, soot and carbon deposits are very harmful to your car's engine health and hamper the internal combustion system. Hence, automobile experts recommend yearly engine cleaning with hydrogen cleaning technology. This will help you improve exhaust emission standards, enhances the engine's efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

At MS Auto Centre Ltd., we provide effective hydrogen engine cleaning Erdington, Birmingham at a competitive rate. Our experts follow the latest carbon cleaning standards to perform this service with utmost precision and accuracy.

Signs and symptoms of clogged engine

Here are some of the noticeable warnings of high carbon build-up in a car’s engine system:

  • Difficulty in starting the car
  • Loss of engine power
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Black smokes from the exhaust emission system
  • Decrease in acceleration
  • Sudden car breakdown

Hence, if you come across any of these symptoms, come to us and get the issue resolved in no time. Ignoring the warning signs can lead to further damage to the vehicle's engine and hefty repair bills down the line.

About our Hydrogen Cleaning

At our facility, we use the latest technology and equipment when conducting the hydrogen engine carbon cleaning Erdington, Birmingham to ensure accurate results. This hydrogen cleaning technique involves using electricity and distilled water.

This process is conducted by injecting hydrogen into your car engine's air intake chamber, which eliminates the carbon and soot from the engine components. Owing to this, the engine returns to its original performance and does not affect the vehicle's overall driving performance.

Benefits of Hydrogen Cleaning

Following are some of the benefits of hydrogen engine cleaning technology:

  • Helps to pass the MOT test
  • Improves your car’s lifespan
  • Eliminates carbon deposits and soot effectively
  • Rejuvenates the engine performance
  • Eliminates black smokes
  • Save up to 15% fuel

Therefore, don’t wait any longer to revamp your car engine and bring your car to our workshop.

We are located at 912 Kingsbury Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9PY.

Please call us on 01213777738 for more information or to get a quotation.

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