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Tyres Kings Norton South

If you are looking for a reliable car service station near Kings Norton South to curb your vehicular issues, your search ends with us. At MS Auto Centre Ltd, we are your one-stop destination for automobile products and services.

Our Offerings


To drive your vehicle legally on the UK streets, your car must pass the annual MOT test. Our station is authorised to conduct MOT Kings Norton South, and we follow all the legal guidelines while conducting the checks. Based on the results of the assessments, we issue a VT20 or VT30 certificate.


We keep a massive stock of premium tyres Kings Norton South at our facility from brands like Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin. These units have specially designed tread patterns that provide exceptional hydroplaning resistance. They are ideal for a controlled and comfortable driving experience.

Further, you can choose to buy these products from the comfort of your home using the tyre finder tool on our website.

Suspension Repair And Replacement

The suspension system absorbs on-road shocks to provide maximum driving comfort. If you drive on uneven roads a lot, it is much more likely that these components have sustained some significant damage.

To get a thorough and efficient suspension repair, consult our technicians at once.

Wheel Alignment Kings Norton South

Although it is convenient to get mobile tyre fitment done, we recommend visiting our facility for wheel alignment checks at least twice a year. We align wheel angles to match the manufacturer's specifications and ensure on-road safety and tyre longevity.

We recommend that you opt for a wheel alignment every time you opt for any tyre-related service.

Brake Repair And Replacement

A slight increase in the braking distance can also prove to be extremely dangerous. We suggest that you opt for faulty braking system repair from a professional automobile garage like MS Auto Centre Ltd to avoid such instances.

We only work with experienced technicians to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum turnaround time.

Exhaust Repair And Replacement

Exhaust components are most affected by excessive humidity. For example, the muffler can get rusty, and the tailpipe can corrode and develop holes. Let our technicians examine the problem and fix it to its best state for you.

Further, you can get interim and full car servicing Kings Norton South from us at the most reasonable rates in the market.

Look no further for “car garages near me” and come down to us at 912 Kingsbury Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9PY. We are less than 11 miles away from your location via the A441 route.

Give us a call on 01213777738 to know more about our car tyres and services.

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