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Tyres Stirchley

MS Auto Centre Ltd brings good news for all the residents of Stirchley, a suburb in southwest Birmingham.

We provide fully fitted tyres at affordable prices. Our experienced technicians maintain British standards even during the installation process and provide exceptional comfort and safety.

You can choose online our car tyres Stirchley, from the vast inventory of premium and budget units. These models are exceptional at both wet and dry braking with their unique tread pattern. They are manufactured with a unique mix of substances to create the most efficient summer, winter and all-season variants.

The car tyres we provide are excellent at hydroplaning resistance, making them ideal for the wet and dry roads of Stirchley during summer. We stock brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, BF Goodrich and Continental.

Although these units are incredibly durable, they can undergo uneven tread wear if your vehicle wheels are not correctly aligned. To get your car wheel alignment Stirchley done explicitly according to your car model, come down to our garage at 912 Kingsbury Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9PY.

Continue reading to know more about our services and end all your “tyres near me” searches.

Apart from this our station also provides superior vehicle related services. Some of our services are-

MOT test – We provide a thorough pre-MOT check at our facility to ensure that you pass the test at one shot. Being a DVSA authorised garage, our technicians are thoroughly familiar with the annual MOT Stirchley regulations and even abide by them while conducting inspection on all types of Class 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles.

Suspension repair and replacement- If your rides are unusually bumpy even though the roads are relatively smooth, it indicates a faulty suspension system. Our technicians possess immense knowledge about suspension repair and fix the damage efficiently with minimum turnaround time.

Brake repair and replacement- A faulty brake can end up causing your car failing the MOT test. We suggest that you always replace your brake components with OE spares to be safe on the road and ace this test.

Exhaust repair and replacement- The exhaust system dispenses toxic gases produced by a vehicle. If you smell unbearable odour inside the car cabin, we suggest you consult our technicians at once.

Car Servicing- If you are feeling like the efficiency of your vehicle has decreased, opt for our car servicing Stirchley. We conduct comprehensive inspection of all the major components of your vehicle and only use OE-grade spare parts for any type of replacements.

Hydrogen Cleaning- Opt for our hydrogen cleaning service if you are seeing black gases emitting from the engine. We clean the entire engine component with hydrogen to remove any type of soot and carbon accumulation.

Puncture repair- Our technicians fix flat tyres with such precision that it is difficult to differentiate it with a new unit. However, we recommend you to keep a spare tyre with you to avoid unprecedented situations.

Come down to our garage today and avail our high-quality services. Call us on 01213777738 for any type of expert guidance. We are just at a distance of 10 miles from your location via Pershore Road/ A441.

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