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Are you looking for Summer Check Erdington for your vehicle?

You should opt for a comprehensive summer check to make your car ready for the distinct road challenges of the summer season. It will ensure you enjoy an efficient car handling experience and uncompromised safety.

At MS Auto Centre Ltd, we provide an all-inclusive summer check Birmingham for different car segments. We use technologically advanced machinery to carry out thorough internal and external inspections of your car. If we find any underlying damages, we provide cost-effective repair and replacements without taking much time.

Services included in our Summer Check

Tyre Check

Our experts will ensure you are using the right set of summer tyres. They will also check whether the tread depth meets the legal minimum of 1.6mm. If they find them out, they will inform you and suggest tyres Erdington, Birmingham are worn out, they will inform you and suggest a replacement.

Air-con Check

The optimal functioning of the AC is crucial for a pleasant cabin temperature during the summer months. Hence, our experts thoroughly inspect the compressor, condenser and evaporator of your car's AC. In case they find any underlying damages, they will offer replacements with OE-grade spares.

Our experts will also carry out an aircon re-gas if necessary.

Battery Check

We also provide a detailed inspection of all battery parts, including the charging system, wires, terminals, cables etc. In case we find the battery, components are damaged or the battery itself does no longer work sufficiently, we will recommend a replacement with a new battery, suitable for your car model. We always have top-quality batteries available at fair prices.

Apart from these, our summer check Erdington also includes:

  • Engine Oil Check
  • Windscreen, washer fluid and windscreen wiper checks
  • Electrical component checks
  • Inspection of all vehicle lights

We may carry out some additional checks, depending on the age and model.

Therefore, look no more for “car summer check near me” and visit us instead.

We will offer you the best solutions at affordable prices!

Also, our experts are highly conversant and will provide you with honest, non-obligatory suggestions about car maintenance.

To learn more or to get a quote, please call us on 01213777738.