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Are you looking for Tyres Size for your vehicle?

Did you know that using tyres of the wrong size can be dangerous as well as damage several parts of a vehicle (for example, its suspension)?

To avoid safety threats and unnecessary repair costs, you must always stick to the manufacturer recommended tyre size when buying new tyres.

Being a responsible workshop, we always help our clients in choosing the right sized tyres for their cars. However, if you are looking to buy tyres Birmingham online but cannot understand the alpha-numeric tyre size code, you can refer to the illustration given below to make an informed decision.

Complete Guide to Tyre Sizes

Let’s consider a sample tyre size: 205/55/R16 91H

This tyre size code provides crucial details about the said tyre, such as:

Width: 205 in the given size code represents the tyre width in millimetres.

Aspect Ratio: Aspect ratio or the profile height of the tyre in the % of the overall tyre width, represented by the number 55.

Type of Tyre Construction: In the above tyre size code, letter R indicates the tyre has a radial construction. Some other variants are Diagonal Cross-Ply and Bias Belt represented by letters D and B, respectively.

Tyre Diameter: Number 16 represents the wheel diameter in inches.

Load Index: Number 91 represents the tyre’s load index. This signifies the maximum weight that the tyre can carry when optimally inflated.

Speed Index: Letter H represents the speed index of this tyre.

If you need more help to understand what tyre size is best for your vehicle, we recommend you visit our workshop to buy tyres Birmingham. We will listen to your requirements and offer you honest suggestions about the tyres best-suited for your car.

To make your life easier, you can also use our tyre finder tool on this website to find the right tyres, by typing in your vehicles reg-number (number plate).

Therefore, put an end to your search for “tyres near me” and visit us.

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