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Nexen Tyres

Nexen was the first company to manufacture vehicle tyres in Korea in 1956. Since then, the company has been producing quality tyres tailored to the needs of the tyre market. Expanding its research and development to China, the US, Germany, and more, the company focuses on manufacturing tyres that offer outstanding performance.

At MS Auto Centre Ltd., we stock a range of Nexen tyres Erdington, Birmingham for every car make and model.

Purchase Nexen Car Tyres Birmingham Online

Now, you can buy Nexen car tyres Birmingham ONLINE conveniently from our website. Put in your car registration number or tyre specifications on the online tyre finder. You can then choose a tyre set of your preference and proceed to checkout.

Alternatively, head over to our facility to get expert assistance and purchase quality car tyres Erdington, Birmingham.

Here are some of the top-selling Nexen tyres Erdington, Birmingham available in our inventory.


Engineered with a hard rubber compound and shallow tread depth, these tyres offer unmatched car handling performance. The wide tread grooves enable water dispersion that leads to excellent aquaplaning resistance. Further, the lateral 3D grooves on these tyres reduce braking distance on dry and wet roads.

Example: N’FERA Primus


These tyres are uniquely designed with several sipes on the shoulders to offer improved grip and handling performance. Additionally, they sport semi-grooves that enhance snow traction. The unique tread design also provides superior water drainage capacity.

Example: WINGUARD Snow’G3


Featuring both summer and winter tyre characteristics, all-season variants come with multi-season sipes that ensure all-year-round grip. The grooves present in these tyres are round and V-type that offers maximum drainage and slush performance.

Example: N blue 4Season

You will find more tyre variants in our collection, such as:

  • NFERA sport (Ultra High Performance)
  • Run-flats

Therefore, end your searches for tyres near me and visit us instead.

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All tyres by Nexen Tyres
Nexen CP521
Price from £123.96
Nexen CP643A
Price from £122.10
Price from £76.50
Nexen N FERA RU1
Price from £116.10
Nexen N FERA SU4
Price from £108.90
Nexen N PRIZ RH1
Price from £118.50