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Are you looking for Winter Check Erdington for your vehicle?

Cold weather, dense fog and severe rain or snowfall during the winter months challenge your car's performance in several ways. Hence to enjoy a safe and uncompromised driving experience, you should opt for a detailed winter check Erdington.

At MS Auto Centre Ltd, we provide an all-inclusive winter check at extremely competitive rates. Our experts will carry out a detailed inspection of all the crucial car components without much turn-around time. In case they find any underlying fault, they will offer the most accurate repair and replacement solutions that will prevent the recurrence of the issue down the line.

About Our Winter Check Service

Our car winter check Erdington includes the following services-

Battery Check

Cold weather conditions prove harsh on car batteries. Hence, our experts will check the charging system of your vehicle's battery system to ensure it is working optimally. Furthermore, they will also check the wires, cables and terminals. If they find that the battery is no longer working sufficiently, they will recommend a change of battery using OE-grade spares. We always have a variety of top-quality batteries at affordable prices available.

Engine Oil Check

We will also check and top-up the engine oil with the best seasonal variants. This will help ensure your car's engine components remain optimally lubricated during extremely cold temperatures.

Tyre Check

We will also check your car’s tyres to ensure they are still safe to drive with. We will check whether the tread depth is at least 1.6mm. If the tyres are not appropriate for the winter roads, we will inform you and suggest cost-effective replacements.

Antifreeze and Coolant Check

Our experts will also check the antifreeze and coolant levels of your car to ensure the temperature inside the engine is optimally regulated. In case they find the antifreeze and coolant is not within the 50:50 ratio, they will top it up for utmost safety.

Apart from these, our car winter check Erdington, Birmingham also includes:

  • Windscreen and wiper checks
  • Screen wash (winter variant) top-up
  • Inspection of ectrical components
  • Braking component check
  • Air-condition and heating check
  • Inspection of all lights

Therefore, look no further for a “winter check near me” and come to us instead.

For further details please call us on 01213777738