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Are you looking for Winter Wheels Birmingham for your vehicle?

To be sure of unmatched car handling efficiency on snow-covered roads, you should consider equipping your vehicle not only with winter tyres but also with the right set of winter wheels.

At our garage - MS Auto Centre Ltd., we stock superior quality winter wheels Birmingham at competitive rates. You can find wheels of different sizes suitable for every vehicle make and model. Also, our experts will help you choose the right set of winter wheels after understanding your budget and driving needs.

Hence, search no more for “winter wheels near me” and check out which winter wheels are the best for you!

Alloy or Steel - Which Winter Wheel Should You Opt For?

We stock both, alloy and steel winter wheels Birmingham. If you are wondering which variant is best for your car and driving requirements, check out the pros and cons of both wheels in the section below to make an informed decision.

Alloy Wheels


  • Alloy wheels have a lightweight construction. Hence, these wheels exert less pressure on the suspension system.
  • Also, the lightweight construction reduces rolling resistance and provides better fuel economy.
  • Alloy wheels are available in many different style options and improve the aesthetic appeal of a car significantly.


  • Alloy winter wheels are much more susceptible to even minor impact damages.
  • Repairing alloy wheels can be a costly affair.
  • Also, alloy rims are more expensive than their steel counter parts.

Steel Wheels


  • Steel wheels have a robust construction which makes them extra durable. They are not susceptible to most impact damages.
  • These wheels are best for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Steel wheels are cost-effective and can be easily repaired.


  • Steel rims have a heavy-weight construction. Hence, these rims exert quite more pressure on the suspension system.
  • The heavy-weight construction of steel wheels also increases the rolling resistance, thereby lowering mileage.
  • Steel rims are available only in limited styles and designs.

It will be beneficial if you opt for our expert recommendation while choosing winter wheels Birmingham for your respective car model. Our professionals will offer you honest, non-obligatory suggestions, so that you can get the best within your budget.

To get a quote or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us on 01213777738 or come to see us at our workshop.