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Tyres Yardley Wood

Yardley Wood, situated in the southern part of Birmingham, United Kingdom, encompasses the easternmost section of the B14 postcode area. It spans across the wards of Billesley and Highters Heath and includes Priory Rd and neighbouring streets up to the city boundary.

If you happen to reside in or around this region, you can get in touch with MS Auto Centre Ltd for all your vehicle-related requirements.

Car Services Provided by Us

Here, we have listed some of the essential car servicing Yardley Wood available at our unit:

Brake repair

MS Auto Centre Ltd can provide all-round solutions for prompt brake pad replacements. If you notice increased braking distances or hear squealing sounds, make sure you reach us at the earliest.

Wheel alignment Yardley Wood

Misaligned wheels can lead to various problems like uneven tyre wear besides increasing the risk of accidents. Therefore, our experts recommend you get your car’s wheel alignment checked routinely to enjoy a comfortable ride all year round.

Exhaust repair and replacement

We will thoroughly check your automobile exhaust system’s muffler, catalytic converter and tailpipe and conduct repairs or replacements as necessary.

Suspension repair and replacement

The suspension system of your car also needs periodic maintenance and inspection. If you are looking for a reliable service station for professional suspension repairs, MS Auto Centre Ltd has got you covered.

Types of Tyres Available at our Garage

Apart from vehicular services, we have established ourselves as a leading tyre retailer in this vicinity and stock a colossal selection of units from leading brands across the world. In the next section, we have mentioned the product categories available at our garage:

All-season tyres

All-season units offer commendable performance throughout the year, except for harsh winters. Opt for these if you aren’t willing to switch tyres every passing season.

Winter tyres

These tyres are specially designed to perform in adverse winter conditions and feature larger tread blocks, ensuring increased grip on snowy surfaces.

Summer tyres

You should install summer tyres in your vehicle, especially when temperature levels are on the higher side. These units guarantee enhanced traction and grip on both wet and dry tarmacs, and their customised tread blocks help to reduce aquaplaning.

Purchase Car Tyres Online From Us!

You can buy your desired set of premium or cheap tyres Yardley Wood from our official website. Just enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size details to take a look at our catalogue.

Further, if you’re looking to pass the MOT Yardley Wood, avail our professional pre-MOT services. We are authorised to conduct MOT checks, and we strictly adhere to all DVSA regulations while doing so. All cars above three years of age must undergo this test to ensure their roadworthiness and safety.

Put an end to your “car garages near me” searches and visit us at 912 Kingsbury Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9PY. Take the A4040 route from your location to reach us at the earliest.

For more information, feel free to dial us on 01213777738.

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